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 . [[|Wireshark's GSoC 2013 page]]  . [[|Wireshark's GSoC 2013 page]]

Google Summer of Code 2014

Each year Google brings students and open source projects together in the Google Summer of Code. This page tracks Wireshark's participation in GSoC 2014.


The ideas below have been contributed by Wireshark's community of developers and users. Some of them are "what ifs". Some are based on very specific and immediate needs. Either way, if you are a student you should contact the submitter/mentor or the wireshark-dev mailing list for background information or clarification before submitting your proposal. More information about wireshark-dev and complete list archives can be found on the mailing lists page.

If you are adding an idea below, please be as clear and provide as much information as possible. Projects that can be completed in about 12 weeks are preferred.


We're collecting proposals for projects. See "Ideas" below.

The Nmap SoC page has some good guidelines for students including:


As discussed at please use the following template. Proposals should be sorted alphabetically by title.

  • Subject
  • Summary of the topic, what should be done
  • Summary of the expected result
  • Developer who could mentor
  • Prerequisites
  • Level of expertise in these languages (beg./adv./exp.)
  • Area of Wireshark it applies
  • Level of wireshark expertise needed
  • Amount of time estimated for a developer already familiar with the code

Please provide as much information as possible.

Add/enhance a dissector

Summary. Wireshark currently has a lot of dissector, no all network protocol are supported. The idea is add a new protocol (SPDY, ForCES...) or enchance a actual dissector (QUIC, 802.11 (Wireless) ...). It is possible to propose a new protocol to support.

Expected Result. A new dissector or enchance dissector for Wireshark.

Mentor(s). Alexis La Goutte

Prerequisites. Intermediate C, Network, RFC

Area(s) of Wireshark. libwireshark (dissectorà

Wireshark Qt

Summary. Wireshark currently uses the GTK toolkit. An initial port to Qt (aka Wireshark Qt) has begun but there is lots of work to do. There are also many opportunities to take Wireshark's user interface to the next level. If you have an idea for a better way to implement one of Wireshark's current features or for a great new feature this is the place to propose it. It is already a part of selected project Wireshark GSoC'13 (Add Follow and Summary window...)

Expected Result. A new UI for Wireshark.

Mentor(s). Alexis La Goutte

Prerequisites. Intermediate C/C++, Qt API, UX

Area(s) of Wireshark. UI

WiX Installer

Summary. Wireshark currently uses the NSIS toolkit for Windows Installer. The idea is use Wix toolkit ( ) for Windows Installer, i will be permit to have a MSI package and enhance the installer. The build of installer build be include with Autotools and CMake.

Expected Result. A new Installer for Wireshark.

Mentor(s). Alexis La Goutte

Prerequisites. Intermediate XML, Windows...

Area(s) of Wireshark. Instalelr

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