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I am interested in sharkd but I couldn't find any doc for it, so I created this page.


sharkd is a daemon (service) that offers Wireshark functionality through a TCP service. In Windows, you start it like this:

  sharkd tcp:

This starts the service accessible via localhost port 4446.

Commands and responses are in JSON format, for example:

  { "req": "status" }

Gets the current status of sharkd. A typical response is:


Testing with Putty

Suitable putty settings are:

When you successfully connect, the daemon writes a stdout message:

  Hello in child.

If you send invalid JSON on the connection, sharkd writes the stdout message:

  invalid JSON -> closing

and closes the putty session.


These are the supported commands:

To follow

As far as I can tell, sharkd doesn't support the use of new line in the JSON and so all commands must be on a single line.

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