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This is a tentative roadmap for the next stable releases of Wireshark. For more information on the Wireshark release lifecycle and on past releases see Development/LifeCycle.


Do Not Add Items To The Backport List

We're migrating from Subversion to Git. As part of the migration the backport lists below are going away.

If you want to propose a change for backporting, please cherry pick it and push it to HEAD:refs/for/master-1.10 or HEAD:refs/for/master-1.8 via Git at For example, to cherry-pick from master (SVN trunk) to master-1.10 (SVN trunk-1.10) you would do the following:

At this point Gerrit will probably complain about a missing Change ID. You can run

to add the ID and re-run

to upload the change for review.

For more information on cherry picking see the git-cherry-pick man page. You can cherry-pick SVN revisions using tools/backport-change in the Wireshark trunk (although it might be easier to run the git commands by hand).

Upcoming Release Status


Pending Tasks

Completed Tasks

Deferred or Rejected Tasks


Pending Tasks

Completed Tasks

Deferred or Rejected Tasks

Proposed Changes

... well, maybe all the points mentioned in the WishList!