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 || 2.5.1 || March 14, 2018 || Second development snapshot prior to branching 2.6 ||  || 2.6.0 || April 18, 2018 || First release of the 2.6 branch ||
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  [[|Recent changes]] in the [[;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/master-2.6|2.6 branch]]


This is a tentative roadmap for the next stable releases of Wireshark. For more information on the Wireshark release lifecycle and on past releases see Development/LifeCycle.


  • Release

    Expected Date



    April 3, 2018

    Next maintenance release of the 2.4 branch


    April 3, 2018

    Next maintenance release of the 2.2 branch


    April 18, 2018

    First release of the 2.6 branch

Backporting Changes

Significant bug fixes should be backported to each applicable stable branches after they are checked in to the master branch. You can follow development progress using the links below.

Proposed Changes

For a list of bugs that should have been fixed before the 2.0 release, see Bugzilla (target milestone: 2.0 release).

Other proposed items (possibly out of date, see wiki source):

  • Items marked with {1} in the TODO list of Development/SNMP

  • Keep plugin API and ABI stable and versioned, so binary plugins will reliably work with more than one Wireshark version (ABI changes can be followed here:

    • Run tools/ in the Git repository right before the release

    • Bump library versions as needed based on Libtool's documentation in */ and */CmakeList.txt (don't forget updating debian/*.symbols)

    • When major library version bumps are needed *.CMakeList.txt-s have to be changed at two locations and debian/lib*N.* files have to be updated and renamed

  • Include Lua API changes in release notes (Lua dissectors can detect Wireshark version using get_version() and adjust the API used.)
  • Add privilege separation for dissection

  • Add thread/multiprocessor support

... well, maybe all the points mentioned in the WishList!


  • Security improvements (see also: Security)

    • Add privilege separation for POSIX environments (in progress)

    • Add a similar mechanism for the Windows environment

    • Enhance the API to make it easier to write secure code (e.g. add tvb_get_gstring())?

  • Documentation of library API's (e.g. wiretap)


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