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  * [[|Rev 54837]] - [[|Bug 9649]] - SMPP: source_telematics_id value length is 1 byte.   * --([[|Rev 54837]] - [[|Bug 9649]] - SMPP: source_telematics_id value length is 1 byte.)-- Moved to [[,n,z|Change Ib389f8f9]]


This is a tentative roadmap for the next stable releases of Wireshark. For more information on the Wireshark release lifecycle and on past releases see Development/LifeCycle.


  • Release

    Expected Date




    Next development release



    Next maintenance release of the stable branch



    Next maintenance release of the old stable branch

Do Not Add Items To The Backport List

We're migrating from Subversion to Git. As part of the migration the backport lists below are going away.

If you want to propose a change for backporting, please cherry pick it and push it to HEAD:refs/for/master-1.10 or HEAD:refs/for/master-1.8 via Git at For example, to cherry-pick from master (SVN trunk) to master-1.10 (SVN trunk-1.10) you would do the following:

  • git checkout -b master-1.10 origin/master-1.10 # First time

  • git checkout master-1.10 # Each successive time

  • git log origin/master # Find git hash of the SVN revision or git hash you want to pick

  • git cherry-pick <hash> # Pull in the change from master

  • git push origin HEAD:refs/for/master-1.10/backport-r45678

At this point Gerrit will probably complain about a missing Change ID. You can run

  • git commit --amend

to add the ID and re-run

  • git push origin HEAD:refs/for/master-1.10/backport-r45678

to upload the change for review.

For more information on cherry picking see the git-cherry-pick man page. You can cherry-pick SVN revisions using tools/backport-change in the Wireshark trunk (although it might be easier to run the git commands by hand).

Upcoming Release Status


Pending Tasks

Completed Tasks

  • Queue Empty

Deferred or Rejected Tasks

  • Queue Empty


Pending Tasks

  • Rev 49648 - Fix unregistered hf errors from t124 dissector (errors come from the backport of r49644)

  • Rev 54488 - Bug 9598 - Clear the intermediate line buffer for DMX channels.

  • Rev 54687 - DVB-CI: correct a typo in a filter string

  • Rev 54707 - Bug 9633 - Do not try to add a new NAL unit when the previous one was not decoded.

  • Rev 54837 - Bug 9649 - SMPP: source_telematics_id value length is 1 byte.

Completed Tasks

  • Rev 54181 - Bug 9571 - Fix " Wireshark stops showing new packets but dumpcap keeps writing them to the temp file"

  • Rev 49145 - Bug 9488 - Remove static packet_info *gpinfo and just use the packet_info provided by the function

  • Rev 54227 - Bug 9578 - Homeplug dissector bug: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION: dissector accessed an invalid memory address

Deferred or Rejected Tasks

  • Queue Empty

Proposed Changes

  • Items marked with {1} in the TODO list of Development/SNMP

  • Keep plugin API and ABI stable and versioned, so binary plugins will reliably work with more than one Wireshark version (ABI changes can be followed here: Upstream Tracker)

    • Run tools/ in the Git repository right before the release
    • Bump library versions as needed based on Libtool's documentation (don't forget updating debian/wireshark-common.files and debian/wireshark-common.shlibs)

  • Version checking
  • Windows updater
  • Add privilege separation for dissection
  • Add thread/multiprocessor support

... well, maybe all the points mentioned in the WishList!


  • Security improvements (see also: Security)

    • Add privilege separation for POSIX environments (in progress)
    • Add a similar mechanism for the Windows environment
    • Enhance the API to make it easier to write secure code (e.g. add tvb_get_gstring())?
  • Documentation of library API's (e.g. wiretap)


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