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  ''Queue Empty''   * [[|Rev 50956]],[[|Rev 50984]],[[|Rev 50986]],[[|Rev 50992]],[[|Rev 50993]] - [[|Bug 7278]] - Restore capture filters into per-interface combo boxes.


This is a tentative roadmap for the next stable releases of Wireshark. For more information on the Wireshark release lifecycle and on past releases see Development/LifeCycle.


  • Release

    Expected Date




    Next development release



    Next maintenance release of the stable branch



    Next maintenance release of the old stable branch

Upcoming Release Status


Pending Tasks

Completed Tasks


Pending Tasks

  • Rev 50923 - Bug 8980 - IO graph advanced, error when calculating value for field of type FT_RELATIVE_TIME with multiple items in single frame

  • Rev 50940 - Bug 8918 - Incorrect dissection of IPFIX (min/max)IpTotalLength fields.

  • Rev 50969 - Bug 8841 - Fix PER normally small non-negative whole number dissection when it is greater than or equal to 64

Completed Tasks

  • Queue Empty

Proposed Changes

  • Items marked with {1} in the TODO list of Development/SNMP

  • Keep plugin API and ABI stable and versioned, so binary plugins will reliably work with more than one Wireshark version (ABI changes can be followed here: Upstream Tracker)

    • Run tools/ in the Git repository right before the release
    • Bump library versions as needed based on Libtool's documentation (don't forget updating debian/wireshark-common.files and debian/wireshark-common.shlibs)

  • Version checking
  • Windows updater
  • Add privilege separation for dissection
  • Add thread/multiprocessor support

... well, maybe all the points mentioned in the WishList!


  • Security improvements (see also: Security)

    • Add privilege separation for POSIX environments (in progress)
    • Add a similar mechanism for the Windows environment
    • Enhance the API to make it easier to write secure code (e.g. add tvb_get_gstring())?
  • Documentation of library API's (e.g. wiretap)


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