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  * ''Non yet''   * Rev 22113 - User Guide updates


This is a tentative roadmap for stable releases of Wireshark up to 1.0 and beyond. It is by no means final, and there is no timeline.


Released: April 24, 2006

  • Fix security-related Coverity bugs
  • Add some reasonable example files for filters, rules, .... (Done in 14595)
  • Fix Bugzilla "blocker" bugs
  • Updated Lua for Windows. (GNU TLS/libgcrypt will be added pending an ECCN assignment from the U.S. Department of Commerce)


The 0.99.1 release has been abandoned, as discussed in [ this thread] on the wireshark-dev list.


Released: July 17, 2006


Released: Aug 23, 2006


Released: Oct 31, 2006


Released: Feb 1, 2007

  • Update the Windows GTK+ package(s) to 2.10.
  • Update the Windows GNUTLS package to 1.6.0.
  • Update the Windows PortAudio package to v19.

  • Update the Windows Net-SNMP package to 5.4.
  • Move cryptographic code to epan/crypto.
  • Use the "User's Guide" as the online help system for Wireshark.






  • Version checking.
  • Windows updater.
  • Finish capture privilege separation.


The cleanup version ...


  • make plugin ABI stable, so binary plugins will be working with more than one Wireshark version

Beyond V1.0

  • Finish the native Windows interface and integrate it with the main trunk
  • Make the capture filter syntax the same as the display filter syntax?
  • Add privilege separation for dissection
  • Add thread/multiprocessor support

... well, maybe all the points mentioned in the WishList!


  • Security improvements (see also: ["Security"])
    • Add privilege separation for POSIX environments (in progress)
    • Add a similar mechanism for the Windows environment
    • Enhance the API to make it easier to write secure code (e.g. add tvb_get_gstring())?
  • Documentation of library API's (e.g. wiretap)
  • Make some of the plugins regular dissectors?


Is the native Windows interface still a desirable target? - the Windows integration is pretty good in it's current form -- UlfLamping

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