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The main line to compile Ethereal under Windows is still using Microsoft Visual Studio Version 6.

Here are some tips to compile Ethereal under newer compiler versions:

to qoute a mail from Laurent Rabret (see

To compile with the .NET SDK, you'll have to install the platform SDK (available for free).

You may encounter linking problems caused by "bad" parameters in config.nmake. I never sent a patch to fix this because I'm not sure whether or not it impacts VS6 compilation. I replaced:

While compiling plugins, you might also encounter problems. For these plugins, in the Makefile.nmake file change


...I know, that's not very clean ;-)

At last, don't forget to include a line such this:

File "c:\program files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003\Common7\IDE\msvcr71.dll"

... in your ethereal.nsi script (if you want to create an installer)