Bluetooth Logical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol (btl2cap)

BTL2CAP is a protocol that sits directly ontop of BTHCI_ACL and which prodives signalling and sessions between applications on two Bluetooth devices.

Protocol dependencies

  • BTHCI_ACL: BTL2CAP is always transported ontop of ACL.

Some protocols implemented ontop of BTL2CAP are. These protocols are called "profiles"

  • BTSDP: Bluetooth Service Discovery Protocol.

  • RFCOMM: Serial port profile ontop of which PPP and other serial port protocols may be transported.

  • BNEP: Profile for transporting Ethernet frames ontop of Bluetooth.

Example traffic

No.     Time        Source                Destination           Protocol Info
     77 146.955458                                              SDP      Rcvd SDP_ServiceSearchAttributeRequest

Frame 77 (13 bytes on wire, 13 bytes captured)
Bluetooth HCI H4 Rcvd ACL Data
Bluetooth HCI ACL Packet
    .... 0000 0010 1010 = Connection Handle: 0x002a
    ..01 .... .... .... = PB Flag: Continuing Fragment (1)
    00.. .... .... .... = BC Flag: Point-To-Point (0)
    Data Total Length: 8
    This is a continuation to the PDU in frame: 76
Bluetooth L2CAP Packet
    Length: 21
    CID: 0x0040
    PSM: SDP (0x0001)
Bluetooth SDP: SDP_ServiceSearchAttributeRequest (0x6)
    PDU: SDP_ServiceSearchAttributeRequest (0x06)
    TransactionID: 0x0001
    ParameterLength: 16
    ServiceSearchPattern UUID:Headset (0x1108)
    MaximumAttributeByteCount: 672
        0x0000 - 0xffff


The BTL2CAP dissector is fully functional and supports fragment reassembly through the BTHCI_ACL layer.

Preference Settings

There are no preference settings for BTL2CAP.

Example capture file

Display Filter

A complete list of BTL2CAP display filter fields can be found in the display filter reference

Show only the PROTO based traffic:


Capture Filter

You cannot directly filter BTL2CAP protocols during capturing since captureing is not yet possible.

External links

See Bluetooth for example captures and links.


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