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[DIFF] 21:56 [INFO] GeraldCombs [1-2] #02 Mark auto scroll complete.
[DIFF] 14:47 [INFO] StuartKendrick [1-3] #02 Upload of attachment 'update-ws-profiles. bat'.
#03 Upload of attachment 'update-ws-profiles' .
[DIFF] 20:30 [INFO] JeffMorriss Add Peter Wu
[DIFF] 04:35 [INFO] EvanHuus The blog is dead, remove it
[DIFF] 21:49 [INFO] JeffMorriss [1-2] #01 The dissectors and their supporting files are (IMO) all in epan at this point.
#02 (now make-dissector-reg.p y) has had a cache for a while. Move it to the Done list.
[DIFF] 21:22 [INFO] ChristopherMaynard [1-2] #01 Fix typos, reword a few things for [hopefully] improved readability.
#02 Fix Wireshark's GSoC 2013 link
[DIFF] 20:30 [INFO] Mikhail Koreshkov Upload of attachment 'GSM_GCC.pcapng'.
[DIFF] 18:39 [INFO] GuyHarris [1-2]
FredericChaxel [3-4]
#01 More fixes.
#02 Undo damage to the Python example.
#04 Upload of attachment 'WiresharkSender.cs' .
[DIFF] 13:39 [INFO] JeffMorriss The SSTP dissector was merged.
[DIFF] 13:38 [INFO] JeffMorriss 1.99.2 has shipped.
[DIFF] 16:29 [INFO] GeraldCombs [1]
PeterWu [2]
#01 Update the repository information
#02 link to bug 9616
[DIFF] 08:28 [INFO] ryandoyle

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